Transferring Large Sums of Foreign Currency to Thailand Bank Account

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The most common reason why foreigners want to transfer large sums of foreign currency to Thailand is because they want to purchase a condo.

SWIFT Transfer to Kasikorn or Krungsri Bank FCD

You can open an FCD (Foreign Currency Deposit) account with Kasikorn bank or Krungsri bank. This allows you t keep USD (or other supported currencies) in your bank account, rather than automatically converting to Thai baht when the transfer takes place. With large sums of money, you can protect yourself against currency fluctuations and await the right moment to convert your foreign currency to Thai Baht.

What’s more, you get the TT exchange rate, which is a bit better than the standard exchange rate Kasikorn offers. You can view the daily Kasikorn TT rates and compare them to the daily Krungsri TT rates.

Krungsri rates from 29 August 2023:

Kasikorn rates from 29 August 2023:

This is generally the best and safest way to transfer large sums of money into Thailand, with a comparatively low cost and fee structure.

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