How to Get Your Residence Certificate in Thailand (TM. 16)

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A Residence Certificate (TM. 16) is a document that says you live in Thailand. It’s like a piece of paper that tells everyone, “Yes, I live here!” It’s given by the Thai government and shows your address in Thailand.

Why Do You Need One?

If you’re from another country and living in Thailand, there are times when you’ll need to show proof of where you live. For example, if you want to get a driving license, buy a car, or open a bank account, applying for a work permit, applying for a Thailand house registration book for foreigners (yellow tabien baan or Yellow House Book), and various other legal processes, you might need a Residence Certificate to show that you live in Thailand.

Where to apply

You can go to an immigration office or a local police station to apply for a Residence Certificate. They have the forms and know how to help you.

Documents Required

When you go to apply, bring your passport, visa, something that shows your address (like a bill or an official letter or rental contract), some recent passphotos of yourself, and the application form. It’s like packing a bag for a trip – you need to make sure you have everything.

  • Passport with valid visa and TM6 Departure Card
  • Address proof
  • 2 x Passport-sized Photos
  • Application form (download PDF here)

In general it’s a good idea to carry 1 or 2 copies of all documents (including pages in your passport). Sometimes a given office might ask you to supply copies that other offices won’t require, and in some cases even at the same office one officer might ask for copies that another officer won’t. We’ve seen this too many times, and if the office you’re applying it as not one you’re familiar with, it’s better to have one too many copies than one too few.


A Certificate of Residence costs 200 Baht to issue (although pricing is subject to change).


A Certificate of Residence is typically valid for 12 months.

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